• I need to change my delivery address

    This article is about subscriptions. For orders, click here.


    We require all delivery address changes to be made two weeks in advance. This is because our subscriber address list is sent to our printers two weeks in advance of every issue release. With this in mind, we recommend you change your delivery address as soon as you can to avoid gaps in your deliveries. 


    To change your delivery address:

    1. Log into your 2000 AD account and go to the 'Account' page.

    2. Click 'Subscriptions'.


    3. You have now found the 'Subscription Management' page. All your subscription details can be managed here.

    4. Click 'Manage'.


    5. Click ‘Change delivery address’.


    6. Enter your new address. If the auto-filled address is not correct, click the ‘Enter manually’ option to enter the address yourself.

    7. Click 'Save'. Your address has now been changed.

    Please bear in mind this will not modify your billing address by default. In order to change your billing address, you will need to add your payment card again with the updated address. Details on how to do this can be found here.

  • My issue is late or missing

    Postal delays can occur so please only contact us if you are confident your issue/s are missing (have not arrived within one week from release date UK, longer for international).


    Subscription copies are dispatched directly from the printers, a few days ahead of release for all subscribers in good standing (excluding lapsed or suspended subscriptions).

    Depending on your delivery address these can be delivered either by Royal Mail or our international distribution services. Please bear in mind they use your country's local post office so make sure to check if their services are running unhindered by industrial action and strikes etc.

    Please make sure that any delivery address changes are made two weeks in advance to accommodate these deliveries. Instructions to do this can be found here.

    If you are concerned that your issue is missing or overtly late, please contact us and we'll be happy to arrange for a replacement.


    Delivery Service Updates

    For UK deliveries, click here

    For International deliveries, click here.


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