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  • I purchased something by accident

    We are happy to refund any accidental purchases made through the 2000 AD shop but we are unable refund if the files have been downloaded. If you have purchased something by accident, please contact us by email at: (Apple/iOS) or (Google/Android)

    Please remember to include the title(s) of the purchased product(s).

    We are unable to refund purchases where payment has been made through a third party such as Apple or Google Play. In these instances, please contact the third party directly.

  • My downloads keep failing

    My download just stops

    In order for items to download, the screen of your device must be on for the entirety of the download process. If this does not happen, the download will just stop.


    My purchase hasn't registered

    In the event that you are unable to access a purchased digital product via the app, please firstly sign out of the app, sign back in and try again.
    Should you still not have access to your purchase please do contact our help desk and if possible include your proof of payment for the product.

    'An error occurred' 

    In the majority of cases, this error appears because the internet connection was lost during the download. To rectify this, simply try again or try again using a stronger connection.

    If your internet connection is not the cause of the error, it may be that your device does not have enough storage space available for your download. This can resolved by removing excess downloaded comics and graphic novels. These will still be accessible for you to download later if they are deleted.




    If you see no change after following these steps, please contact us at:

    These details can also be found in the 'Help' tab of the app. Please remember to include which operating system you are using, the model name of your device and ideally screenshots of any errors that appear.

  • The pages in my graphic novel are blank

    Usually this error occurs when a download has not been successful and the pages have not downloaded properly. This is often caused by a weak or intermittent internet connection.

    To solve this problem, we recommend that you delete the blank digital files and re-download them over a stronger internet connection.




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